The following definitions shall apply unless the context otherwise requires

Academy: means a period online/offline teaching of the applicants
Applicant:  means an African individual that registers on LEGS and submits an Application for participation in the LEGS Programme;
Application :  means the online entry form completed and submitted by an individual for the LEGS Programme
Application Window:  means the period commencing from October 1st to November 30th when Applications can be submitted for the LEGS Programme, which is subjective to change based on the promoters discretion
Business Idea: means a proposed business that is attributable to the Applicant and which the Applicant is applying
to further develop to a viable business with the assistance of the LEGS Programme.
Donor : means people that believe in the dreams of the applicant
Leaderpreneurs: means a coinage from the words leader and entrepreneur which LEGS will make out of every applicant.
 LEDS packs: means a pack containing 3 books and a journal to better help leaderprenuers attain their goals.
LEGS:  means Leadership Entrepreneurial Game Show
Promoter: means African Centre for Global Entrepreneurial Leadership (ACGEL)
Successful Applicants: means Applicants who are selected to participate on the live game


  • These Terms and Conditions as well as the Eligibility Criteria, Application Process and Selection Process are collectively referred to as the Rules of the Programme (“Rules”).
  • Successful Applicants shall be subject to these Rules, the Participation Agreement and other rules and guidelines published by the promoter from time to time for the running of the Programme.
  • The Promoter reserves the right to cancel or amend all or any part of the Rules without notice. Any changes to the Rules will be posted on the LEGS’s website. It is the responsibility of Successful Applicants to keep themselves informed as to any changes to the Rules. The Promoter shall not be liable for any loss suffered by a Successful Applicant due to any changes to the Rules, including failure to complete some or all tasks under the Programme due to such change.
  • If for any reason the Programme is not capable of running as planned for reasons including but not limited to tampering, unauthorised intervention, fraud, technical failures, force majeure events or any other causes beyond the control of the Promoter which corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of this Programme, the Promoter reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Programme and disqualify any Successful Applicant. The Promoter shall not be liable for any loss arising from modification, suspension or cancellation of the Programme.


  • Applicants must certify that they have all the applicable rights, licenses, authorisations and consents necessary to submit their proposed Business Ideas or entity. Presenting a Business Idea that the Applicant has no applicable rights, licenses, authorizations and consents to shall be a ground for disqualification.
  • LEGS Alumni or their Business Partners shall not reapply for the Programme in any subsequent year, even for a different Business Idea or name – this constitutes multiple application and is grounds for disqualification, and termination of Alumni status.
  • All submissions must be made directly by the Applicant behind the Businesses Idea or Entity entering the Programme. Entries made online using methods such as a macro, script, using automated devices or processors are not allowed and shall be disqualified.
  • The Promoter accepts no responsibility for late, lost, misdirected damaged or delayed Applications as a result of any network, computer hardware or software failure of any kind.
  • Bulk and third party entries shall not be permitted.
  • The Promoter reserves the right to verify the validity of entries and to disqualify any Applicant for tampering with the entry process or failing to make entries as specified by the Rules.
  • No corruption of, defect in, failure or delay in the delivery of any email communication from the Promoter will entitle an Applicant to an extension of any deadline, or otherwise entitle an Applicant to make any form of claim.

By applying for this Programme, each Applicant attests that their Application:

  • Is true and correct in all material respects;
  • Is their own original work;
  • Does not infringe or violate the rights of any third party, including but not limited to, ownership, copyrights, trademarks, patents, logos, licensing rights, rights of publicity or privacy or any other intellectual property rights.
  • Is not contrary to any applicable laws.
  • The Promoter shall reject applications which, in the reasonable opinion of the Promoter:
  • Are deemed to be franchises, import/export business or government contractors; Contain any content that is likely to be considered offensive by the Promoter or could reflect negatively the name, reputation, or goodwill of the Promoter or Entities associated with the Promoter and other parties acting on its behalf
  • Include trademarks, logos, or copyrighted material not owned by the Applicant or used without the right holder’s prior written permission (including famous names, company names, etc.); Defames, misrepresents, or insults any third parties
  • Poses adverse risks to the environment, human lives or property Promotes or is sympathetic to any political agenda
  • Are affiliated to terrorist or other illegal activity; Such Application ought to be disqualified.
  • The Promoter reserves the right, in its absolute discretion to disqualify any Application, Successful Applicant or LEGS’S Alumni at any point during the Programme, without granting any opportunity for challenge, if it has reasonable grounds to believe that the application: Has been made fraudulently, or contains any false or misleading statement
  • Has breached any of the Eligibility Criteria or other Rules; Has infringed on any intellectual property of any other person; Was made in breach of any applicable law; or It is in the interest of the Programme to disqualify such Application.
  • Communication with Successful Applicants shall be by email to the address provided on the Application form. The Promoter shall not be responsible for the reliability or otherwise, delayed receipt or non-receipt of any email communication.
  • Registration Fee and Votings are Non-refundable. Expenses made by traveling down from various places for the programme are to be catered for by the applicants.
  • Successful Applicants are responsible for, and must comply with any health advice/regulations/inoculations required by respective African Countries. Any associated costs for this are the responsibility of the Applicants.
  • By applying, Applicants acknowledge that other Applicants may have created ideas and concepts that may be similar to their entry, and that Applicants will not be entitled to any compensation or right to negotiate with the Promoter over such matters.
  • The Successful Applicants are responsible for ensuring they are able to accept the place on the Programme as set out in these Terms and Conditions. They must also (if applicable) provide proof of consent from partners, directors and shareholders (as applicable) for their participation as representatives of an Entity.
  • All entry instructions form part of these Terms and Conditions. By entering this Programme, all Applicants will be deemed to have accepted and shall be bound by the Terms and Conditions.


  • Due Diligence shall be carried out on the Successful Applicants to verify eligibility prior to any potential offer of a placement in the Programme.
  • Applications that do not meet all or some of the eligibility criteria will not be accepted or will be dropped during the Programme.
  • Applicant must be between the ages of 18 to 60 years
  • Applicants must have the legal right to work in the African country where their business is located.
  • Applicants must create an account and complete an online entry form on LEGS site to apply for the Programme.
  • The proposed business must operate in Nigeria and Applicants must be legal residents of any one of the 54 African countries.
  • All businesses must be able to employ 6 direct or indirect individuals Business Ideas must be for profit, focused on one business only and must be the original work of those making the submission.


  • Employees from either the LEGS programme, companies within its Group, Affiliates and their immediate family members are not eligible to apply for the Programme, either individually or as part of a team or Entity.
  • Research institutions, faith-based organisations, government agencies and businesses not located in Africa or are over three years old will not be eligible to apply for the Programme.
  • The Promoter’s agents involved in the creation and administration of this Programme are excluded from participation.


  • Applicants must demonstrate that their business is set up, or in the case of a Business Idea will be set up, and based in Africa. .
  • Applicants are solely responsible for the structure of the business and the team members within it. If selected, the Mentor assigned to the Selected Applicant can provide guidance regarding team relations and individual roles within the business, but are not liable for dispute resolution. The Promoter will not be responsible for, or get involved in any team dispute resolution and shall communicate with the person authorized to represent a team or Entity until it receives an instruction from authorized representatives nominating a different person.


  • The Promoter will select a chosen amount of applicants annually to join the Programme. Only one representative from each business will have access to LEGS and participate physically. .
  • All Successful Applicants must be available to commit to the annual Programme cycle once accepted. Any Applicant who is not committed to the time frame to be advised by the Promoter will not be accepted or will be dropped from the Programme.
  • Access to programme materials will also be denied to a Successful Applicant who drops off at any stage before the completion of the Programme without obtaining the consent of the Promoter.
  • Request for any proposed long-term absence from the Programme must be agreed to by the Promoter in writing prior to the Applicant taking the time out of the Programme and shall only be allowed in extraordinary circumstances. Requests shall however be assessed by the Promoter on a case-by-case basis.
  • By entering, Applicants agree to participate in any reasonable publicity arranged by the Promoter e.g. photo shoots, videos and interviews and waive their rights to any images of themselves taken as a result of applying or being selected under the Programme. The Promoter shall be entitled to use all such photographs, films, audio or other recording in any medium including digital, electronic, print, television, film, radio or other media in furtherance of promotion of the Programme or the Promoter or its affiliates. Where necessary, the Promoter may require a signed image rights waiver form from the Entrepreneur in furtherance of this aiver. The Promoter may invite LEGS leaderpreneur to take part in promotional activities at the Promoter’s expense.
  • LEGS Leaderpreneur are not permitted to speak or write publicly about the internal workings of the process or to purport to be knowledgeable of the reasons why the Promoter has selected and supported them.
  • LEGS Leaderpreneur are expected to go through the entire process of the programme, failure to do so will attract penalties
  • LEGS Leaderpreneur are expected to proactively engage with the Promoter (while not imposing on work commitments) in terms of marketing communications activity to amplify their experience throughout the year.
  • The Promoter and any person acting on its behalf will not be responsible for any damage, loss, injury suffered by any entrant entering the Programme or as a result of accepting any prize. Nothing shall exclude the Promoter’s liability for death or personal injury as a result of its negligence.
  • If for any reason the Programme is not capable of running as planned due to reasons beyond the reasonable control of the Promoter, the Promoter shall not be liable for failures to comply with these Terms & Conditions and shall endeavour to communicate with all affected parties at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • The decision of the Promoter shall be final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into on the same.
  • The Promoter assumes no responsibility for damages, losses or injuries that result from participation in this Programme or acceptance to be part of the Programme.


  • The Promoter will not be liable for any injury, loss or damage to property or life arising from attending the LEGS programme provided that such injury, loss or damage did not arise from the negligence of the promoter. Each Leaderpreneur is responsible for ensuring their safety during the LEGS programme. The Promoter shall not be liable for any loss arising from Leaderpreneurs leaving the LEGS venue or for engaging in any activity outside the activities designated by the Promoter. .


  • By applying to the Programme, Applicants consent to have details of their Application – other than commercially sensitive information – featured in any media or promotional activity for the Programme being carried out by the Promoter. The Promoter will contact Applicants in advance of any media request for interviews. Successful Applicants shall not grant interviews independently of the Promoter and are required to inform the Promoter of any media request for interviews they receive directly. Failure to notify the Promoter may result in disqualification from the Programme.. .
  • The Promoter will only use the personal details supplied for the administration of this Programme, and for no other purpose except with the Applicant’s consent. .
  • The name, country and profile of each Successful Applicant will be made available for public relations purposes globally. Each individual will be asked to provide a profile and photo once they join the Programme and this will be held on the closed group Programme website, as well as the Promoter’s public website. .


  • Internet access and adequate English language skills are required for the Application process. Candidates with no English reading or speaking skills need to translate the application content at own cost. .
  • All Successful Applicants are required to respond promptly to requests for information from the Promoter. .
  • This Programme is governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Applicants submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Nigerian Courts. .
  • Pictures used on this site are not in any way for profit making but help foster the entrepreneurial spirit in applicants .
  • Contestants are advised to periodically visit their profile pages for updates on their vote progress.

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