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Leadership entrepreneurial game show (LEGS) is a game that gives both money and tools of work. This implies that by the time an individual steps out of the hot seat he/she is already set up with tools for work. Meaning the individual leaves established on his/her field of work. Being the first in the nation, it also aims at helping pupils and students in schools to crave for leadership – entrepreneur within them.

Aims & Objectives

  • To bring about 60,000 (Sixty Thousand) direct and indirect jobs within 10 (Ten) Years.
  • To support business ideas thereby creating job opportunities.
  • To bring past leaders and present leaders’ wealth of knowledge into these future leaders on a one on one basis


  • The individual must be a Nigerian.
  • The individual must be between the ages of 18 – 60 years at the time of registration.
  • The individual must be erudite enough to read, write and communicate or speak fluently in English and any one other local language.
  • The individual must have served or have interest in serving others.
  • The individual must possess a pioneering spirit.
  • The individual must have a proper and valid means of Identification..


  • Fill the registration form, create a username for your profile page..
  • Upon completion of the form, the contestant gets a unique link alongside their banner sent to their registered email address.
  • The contestant then sends this unique link to family and friends, which will take them directly to the voting domain for them to vote at 50 Naira each. (This serves as a contributing role of the society towards Job Explosion Trust Fund "JETF")
  • The contestants with the highest vote stands more chance to partake on the live show to win money and tools worth 5 million naira....View more details


  • Registration is free
  • Business plan Is a major key factor
  • Business plan should be tailored towards these areas: Fashion, Agriculture, Technology, Housing, Education, Energy, Motion Pictures and Sports
  • The contestants with the highest vote stands more chance to partake on the live show to win money and tools worth 5 million naira..

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